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$50 Walmart Emergency Food Prepper Pantry Haul: Stockpile Long Term Food Storage

…Is it neccessary to buy all long term foods? Are you running out of ideas or don’t know where to start on building a prepper pantry? In this video, I will give you ideas and suggestions on items to buy on a budget.

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My Prepper Items:
Survival Medicine Handbook
Cast iron Skillet set
Sawyer Water Filtration
Rayovac AA Batteries
Rayovac AAA Batteries
Rayovac D Batteries
Rayovac C Batteries
Rayovac CR2032 Batteries
Rayovac 9 Volt Batteries
Comparable First Aid Kit
Comparable Home Tool Set
Comparable sewing kit
Comparable Dries Onions
Comparable Granulated garlic
Comparable Black Pepper
Comparable Fishing Tackle

My Books:
Ball Blue Book Preserving Guide
SAS Survival Handbook
ACEP First Aid Manual

Augason Farms Long Term Foods
Cheese blend
Butter powder
72 Hour Kit
Freeze Dried Mango
Creamy Wheat Cereal
Tomato Powder
Peanut Butter powder
Vegetable Stew
Black Bean Burger
Potato Slices
Sweet Corn
Buttermilk Biscuits
Chili Mix
Rolled Oats Pail
Honey powder
Lunch/Dinner Pail
Fruit Pail
2 Wheat Pails
Bread/Scone mix
Potato Shreds
Pancake Mix

other Augason Farms Items
Banana Chips
Chicken Flavored Soup
Vegetable Pail
Fruit and Vegetable Pails
Breakfast Emergency Pail
Dairy and Egg Combo
30 day 1 Person Kit
4 Pail Food Variety Kit
Deluxe 4 month 1 Person Kit
Fruit and Vegetable Pails

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