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Off The Grid Cooking 40 Ways to Do It * The Homesteading Hippy

Many third-world country inhabitants have never been required to prepare a meal without a gas or electric stove. But for centuries, people have been baking bread, preparing fish, making jerky, cooking meat, and even making pizzas without electricity.

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As a keen outdoors woman/hiker/climber/canoeist/horse trail rider, I have often had to do without electricity for weeks at a time.

With the fuel and gas prices soaring, many people have been looking for off-the-grid ideas to cook and do other things without too much expense.

I am going to give you some really good, effective ways to cook off the grid.

By the way, I home-schooled my three kids and they loved learning survival tricks. Cooking during our many hikes and outdoor activities was always fun when supper time came.

So, if you are home-schooling your kids, pay attention to some fresh, fun, important life lessons.

How Did People Cook Before There Was Electricity?

Where our meals are planned around our work hours, studies, kids’ schedules, and life in general; hundreds of years ago, families planned their lives around their meals.

Because off-grid cooking took time to prepare a meal, everyone needed to be ready to eat as soon as the food was cooked.

Remember, there were NO microwaves to reheat food. I am hearing teenagers faint all over the globe reading that sentence. But that is right, there was no power, and no technology, and yet, they survived.

Homesteaders grew their own vegetables, raised their own animals for slaughter, and they kept their own goats or cows for dairy. They planted all year round with seasonable fruit and veggies.

They dehydrated, salted, or smoked their fruit, vegetables, and meat to last them through the cold winter months.

Fruit and vegetables were normally dried in the sun, while the meat was mostly salted or smoked to preserve it.

1. Drying / Dehydrating

Dehydrating fruit, meat, and vegetables is a very efficient way to make your food light for moving around and preparing off the grid.

To dehydrate food, you will need a low amount of heat and good airflow.

There are several methods to dehydrate food.

  1. There are portable dehydrators that rely on batteries or gas
  2. You can use a solar-powered dehydrator
  3. You can use a gas stove
  4. You can use a solar-powered stove
  5. You can hang meat, fruit, or vegetables from tree branches
  6. You can lay meat, fruit, or vegetables on a flat surface in a well-ventilated spot in the sun and just cover it with a mesh cloth

Dehydrating takes time, low heat, and ventilation. Dehydrating food maintains its nutritional value.

It is a very convenient way to cook off the grid. Once food has been dehydrated it can be eaten in its dehydrated state or rehydrated when needed.