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18 Survival Uses For Super Glue

Every prepper learns one critical lesson: the importance of having suitable materials available when SHTF. Regardless of what is in your stockpile or safety bag, it should always contain some super glue.

Although preppers may argue about what to include in a preparedness pile, not many will dispute that super glue is one essential you should not overlook.

Super glue is one of those valuable resources that can do so many amazing things. The tiny bottle goes a long way and can be used in ways you may not have imagined. In fact, some of the uses listed below may save your life someday.

Super glue is one product that I can’t live without. I always ensure that a small bottle of the stuff is stored in a cupboard or cabinet should the need arise.

Sure, it is sticky, messy, and sometimes leads to mishaps like my fingers being glued together, but it has so many uses around the house that it would be careless not to have it on hand.

Below are some of the ways super glue can help you out of a sticky situation if SHTF.

Patch A Tent

18 Survival Uses For Super GlueHaving a dry, safe shelter is a vital aspect of survival.

Nothing will damper your safety and survival like a leak in the tent you rely on for protection. While tent leaks are commonplace, you can keep your family warm, dry, and safe by patching a leaky tent with super glue.

How you patch a leak will depend on the cause, but you will usually pinch the exposed sections together and apply a small amount to hold them securely in place.

Note: You should only repair your tent while it is open and set up to avoid mistakenly causing damage or preventing use.

Craft A Weapon

In a survival situation, superglue is essential. Along with various survival uses, superglue can be used to help you create, construct, or repair weapons.

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Add a bit of super glue to a sharpened stone and fasten it to a stick to create a makeshift weapon during difficult times, or use it to reattach the blade of a broken knife.

Close A Wound

18 Survival Uses For Super GlueIt can become serious if unforeseen circumstances or accidents cause injury when SHTF.

Superglue can be used (sparingly) to close wounds and promote healing.

The use of super glue is especially effective on shallow wounds.

To use superglue for healing, clean the wound, pinch it shut, and apply superglue to hold it in place.

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Note: It is important to note that superglue should not be used internally or on deep, exposed wounds. Superglue has also been known to cause skin irritation.

Therefore it is best to use medical-grade superglue, such as Dermaflex or Surgi, to close wounds on your skin. However, this tip can help during a crisis.

Repair Broken Shoes

18 Survival Uses For Super GlueStaying mobile during a crisis becomes vital to survival. Moving around will help you avoid detection and disaster, keeping you and your family alive.

To be mobile, you will need a solid pair of shoes on your feet, and extensive walking will definitely take its toll on your soles.

Luckily, superglue comes in handy for repairing the soles of shoes and boots and can easily be used to fasten broken footwear in a crisis.

Fill Cracks

Super glue is surprisingly effective at repairing cracks in various objects. Everything from phone screens to floors can be fixed with a bit of this bottled magic.

The process for using super glue to repair a crack is pretty simple. Clean the surface, and fill the gap. That’s it.

Super glue also reacts with baking soda. Combining the two can be effective when filling larger cracks, such as those found between floorboards or boats’ hulls.

Note: Depending on the surface, there are different types of super glue. Plastic, for example, creates a more difficult bond. Thus, whenever possible, seek a glue that specifies the type of surface you are looking to repair.

Remove A Splinter

18 Survival Uses For Super GlueGetting a splinter can be more than a mere annoyance. The type of splinter, its location, and its size can all impact the discomfort it causes.

While certain types of splinters are more likely to cause infection, even a standard wood splinter can leave you in bad shape.

To avoid the risk of infection, use super glue to quickly remove a splinter from your skin.

Apply a thin layer to the area with the splinter, let the glue dry completely, and pull it off. The adhesive should quickly pull the splinter from your skin, allowing you to focus on survival.

Repair A Ripped Backpack

As with many things, having super glue on hand to repair a broken backpack can be vital to survival when SHTF.

Use super glue to repair a broken strap or clasp, or use it to reattach a dislodged handle or repair a tear.

Keeping your items stored on your person will be essential in a survival situation, and a tear in your backpack or a damaged strap could slow you down and leave you vulnerable.

Mend A Frayed Rope

18 Survival Uses For Super GlueNothing is more useless than a frayed rope.

In a survival situation, a frayed rope can become a matter of life or death.

Dab some super glue on the ends of the frayed rope to stop the fray from spreading.

Patch A Water Bottle

Having a consistent source of water during a crisis is imperative to survival. With stores closed, and travel limited or dangerous, you will need to be able to access clean water at any time.

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Having access to clean water also means having a container to hold it. If your water bottle springs a leak, your situation could quickly go from bad to worse.

In a pinch, you can use super glue to repair a leaky water bottle. To repair a leak in your water container, apply a thin layer to the affected area and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Attach Feathers To Arrows Or Create Lures

Super glue is perfect for attaching small, delicate feathers to arrows or constructing lures for fly fishing.

A small amount of super glue goes a long way, so use it sparingly when applying it to delicate materials like feathers and fabrics.

Seal A Hose

seal a hoseLike many other small leaks, super glue can seal cracks in your garden hose.

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Simply coat the garden hose crack with a thin layer of super glue and get back to what matters most.

Easier Woodworking

Woodworking is one of those skills that will come in handy when SHTF. Unfortunately, woodworking comes with its own risks. Splinters, scrapes, and cuts are common when woodworking, but you can protect yourself with super glue.

Coat the tips of your fingers with super glue and allow it to dry to protect them from the tiny slices that occur when woodworking.

Aside from protecting your skin, super glue is useful when working with wood because it can be used to hold two pieces of wood together, allowing you to screw them in place with ease.

Repair Damaged Dishes

When SHTF, a trip to Walmart may be off the table for extended periods. Limited access means you must ensure the basics are in working condition.

Broken plates and damaged cups are essential everyday items you will not be able to replace on a whim. Instead, use super glue to piece them back together and ensure you have what you need to survive.

Fix Broken Eye Glasses

fix broken glassesIf you wear glasses, you know how serious the situation can be if they are lost or broken.

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Use super glue to repair your glasses so you can see what is going on at all times.

Fix Snagged Clothing

More than a simple run in your pantyhose snagged clothing during a crisis can be catastrophic. While super glue is commonly used to fix runs in nylon, it can also be used to repair other fabrics.

Stop snags in clothing by dabbing a small amount of super glue onto the spot where they appear. The super glue will harden and prevent the catch from expanding.

Heal A Hangnail

A hangnail is not usually a big deal, but sometimes tearing it off can cause unnecessary cuts on the edges of your fingers or toes. Cuts of any kind are a hazard in a survival situation.

Instead of pulling that annoying hangnail, try placing some super glue on it to hold it in place until you can safely trim it.

Stop Fraying Laces

stop fraying lacesShoelaces are known to fray at the ends and eventually fall apart. Faying laces are not a concern in everyday life since they are cheap and readily available at most stores.

However, a trip to the store for a simple item like laces may not be an option if SHTF.

Protect laces, stop fraying, and make them solid with super glue. A small drop on the end of a fraying lace will pull it back together, giving your shoes the support they need to survive.

Fix Almost Anything

Super glue truly is one of those products that can do almost anything. From car to clothing repairs, it covers you as long as you have it on hand.

Along with the suggestions listed above, you can try using super glue to fix a cracked phone screen, repair hair clips, stop snagged stockings, fasten handles, secure loose furniture pieces, or repair leaking pipes.

Super glue is a phenomenal product with endless possibilities for survival or everyday use. The things super glue can do are too plentiful to list here. However, I would love to hear your amazing super glue hacks. Please share them in the comments at the end of this article.

For now, stay safe, and be prepared.

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