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9 Ways How to Survive the Purge

The Purge is an American fiction where all crimes are legal for 12 continuous hours. But what if it’s real? Do you think you can survive the night? Read on to learn how to survive the Purge.

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9 Ways How to Survive the Purge | Your Complete Survival Guide

A Little Purge Mask Shooting | How to Survive the Purge

1. Form a Group

Outlines of Dangerous Guys Outside | How to Survive the Purge

During purge night, groups of psychopaths walk along the streets. They look for weak and easy victims. So one way to survive the Purge is to create your group.

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Gather like-minded individuals within your neighborhood a few months before the purge night.

Since most purgers want to cause mayhem, they do not have coordination.

So even if your group is small, you can survive the large pack by discipline. And commitment to protecting each other.

2. Wear a Uniform

School Clothes for Boy and Girl on Hanger | How to Survive the Purge


Should you decide to form a neighborhood militia, consider, that solidarity is vital. And one way to show your unity is by wearing a uniform.

You do not want to appear like you are some random street gang. Wearing a uniform creates a sense of a well-established protection force.

With this, purgers would think that you are not a vulnerable target. And they would move along and look for other prey.

3. Armor Up

Airport Security Armed Police Wearing Bulletproof Vest | How to Survive the Purge

Have you noticed that purgers in some movies do not wear bulletproof vests? or even helmets for their protection? Some are even shirtless!

Do not imitate them unless you want to get killed because this is a terrible purge survival strategy.

Before the Purge, some people focus on trying to look fantastic and scaring people off.

They put more thought into doing their Halloween costumes and freaky masks.

But, remember that you are not going to some murder-themed party. Your costume and mask would mean nothing if you do not have enough survival armor and skills. So concentrate on gathering armor pieces, such as a ballistic vest, instead.

If you do not own a gun, create improvised weapons using the objects around you.

Use a blade, butcher knife, or the sharp tip of a broken bottle for your defense.

4. Learn Self-Defense Moves

Women Self Defense Technique | How to Survive the Purge

Whether enduring the Purge alone or with a group, self-defense skills can help you survive.

Being armed is not enough. You must also know how to use your body and weapons for survival. For instance, you may invest in combat training, karate, kickboxing, and firearm handling.

These skills are valuable, as they can help you survive if you get into a fight with a purger.

5. Barricade Your House

Chain Link Fence Barricades the House Boundary | How to Survive the Purge

Can’t afford the best intelligent home security system? Don’t worry! You can still protect your home by rolling out bare barricades.

You may put up obstacles to block the flow of traffic going to your neighborhood. Additionally, you may use barriers to protect your door or stairwell.

Secure your home as much as you can.

With only 12 hours of mayhem, purgers would not waste most of their time. They would refrain from going after a well-equipped and defended house.

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6. Turn Off Your Lights

Close-Up of Hands of Electrician Using a Screwdriver | How to Survive the Purge

Electronics have been with us for more than a century, and we have been dependent on them since they began. But cut your power and electronic devices if you want to survive the purge night.

Purgers are not likely equipped with night vision goggles, which are necessary to see in the dark.

7. Hide

A Man Goes Down into the Cellar along an Iron Ladder | How to Survive the Purge

Another way to survive the Purge is to find the perfect purge shelter. As much as possible, stay in an area where you can be a hard target.

You may consider hiding in places such as:

  • derelict vessels
  • underground tunnels
  • abandoned military stations
  • sewage treatment plants
  • landfill sites

These places may be dark, disgusting, and creepy, but they are also tricky for the purgers to reach. What’s more, they may not even want to go to these locations.

You may also take a boat ride out on the sea or hike to a far destination. After all, the United States has a lot of campgrounds where you can spend the night.

Remember to get off the streets and avoid interaction with the outside world.

8. Leave the Country

Airplane on Sunset Sky | How to Survive the Purge

Who thought that the purge night had a silver lining?

Yes, you may hop in your car, drive north or south, and leave the country! This way, you not only survive the purge night, but you also get the chance to go on a vacation!

The United States has many escape routes, and you have several options to go outside the country.

You may continue driving until you reach the Mexican or Canadian border. Or aboard the plane and go anywhere in Asia, Africa, or Europe.

9. Try to Be Considerate of Others

Senior Woman Greeting Young Girl in the Doorway | How to Survive the Purge

If you want to survive the Purge, try to be someone purgers would not want to kill in the first place.

Be helpful, generous, and likable. Try to be a generally excellent and considerate citizen every day.

Do not give others a reason to violently and mercilessly kill you. Try not to be impolite toward your colleagues and neighbors. Because if other people hold grudges against you, they will put a big target on you come purge night.

How to Beat the Purge Anarchy

Check out this video of Cinema Summary to learn more tips on How to survive the Purge:

During the Purge, all crimes are legal. Thankfully, this night of violence exists only in movies. But, this does not mean that you should not take preventive measures.

Our world has its horrors. Emergency preparedness can reduce your fears and anxieties. So prepare yourself and your family at all times, as this can make all the difference–it can even save your lives.


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What are your plans if a purge were to start tonight? Please share your survival tips with us in the comments section below!

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