Survival Gardening

This is my Survival Gardening series for 2021

Seeds Planted in Greenhouse
For better nutritional value in your food, I plant all year round in my backyard. I planted these seeds in January in my greenhouse in California. Now in February they are up. Just waiting until March to plant them in the ground. In preparation for planting in the Spring you must do these few things to get started and to have a successful crop:
1. Determine your space and map it out
2. Determine the amount of sunlight your space gets. This will help you decide what you can plant in that space.
3. Amend the soil. Dig up soil nice and loose then add worm castings and mulch. If too clay like add this mulch or sand. If too sandy add mulch and ground soil.
4. Water until you start planting in the Spring based on your Almanac for your area.
5. You can start your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse now to get a head start.
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