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Prepper Pantry: Quick Meals For SHTF Indoor Cooking

Have you stored food in your Prepper Pantry for quick meals after a SHTF event?

Have you thought about or got indoor cooking options for your prepper pantry foods in place?

Have you thought about or got fuels for safely cooking your prepper pantry foods indoors when the grid goes down?

In this video we will look at a number of quick and easy to prepare meal options to put in YOUR pantry for storage for the day when your pantry will be your grocery store.

Please feel free to make suggestions for our Chef Prepper Project community.

Do you have a favorite breakfast food or meal to add to our list?

Do you have a favortite lunch or supper food or meal to add to our list?

How about a safe indoor cooking method, fuel, or stove?

Video Chapters

2:04 – Breakfast Foods/Meals
5:50 – Coffee Options
6:58 – Lunch Foods/Meals
8:08 – Supper Foods/Meals
10:32 – Seasonings
11:18 – Cooking Oils
11:44 – Stoves and Fuels

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