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Make Soda Bottle String (Cool Survival Hack) | How To Make Rope From Plastic Bottle

With nothing but a piece of wood and a knife, you can make endless amounts of strong plastic string. Curious how to make a rope out of a plastic soda bottle? Using a 2 liter bottle (plastic soda bottle), a knife (or saw), and a few other items can create an awesome and effective DIY survival style bottle rope. TKOR show you EVERYTHING you need to know how to make a DIY rope. Putting together one of these plastic ropes can be time consuming and super messy! But it doesn’t have to be. Creating a DIY soda bottle rope is quite simple!

Grant Thompson explores the rope from plastic bottle basics: the tools, where to cut, how to cut…all of it! TKOR tested the different DIY rope styles and which design delivers the best results! Not all survival gear is created equally! King Of Random has the tips, tricks and rope making secrets to creating the best bottle rope! This was one of the most practical DIY wilderness survival projects TKOR has attempted!

Making a homemade rope is well worth it! And who knows? It could save your life. This rope making project is as super easy as it looks, but ONLY if you avoid the mistakes and follow the instructions we highlight in the video. This is perfect for those wanting to know how to make rope, how to make a rope for survival, how to make fishing line from soda bottle, how to make string, plastic bottle cutter DIY, creating a rope making machine, or a crafting homemade string for survival.

If you want to try something new and creative or just a simple weekend project such as: rope from plastic bottle, wilderness skill tips, hiking gear, camping gear, DIY rope from plastic for survival, wilderness survival hacks, camping life hacks…watch the video to learn more.

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