New: OKC Ti22 Equinox Folding Knife

Top-shelf S35VN steel, a titanium frame-lock, a deep-carry pocket clip, and a smooth-opening flipper mechanism — these are all ingredients found on many of our favorite pocket knives. However, many big-name knives with these features also carry prices in the $300 to $400 range. Ontario Knife Co (OKC) has released a new folding knife that checks all these boxes at a much more affordable $138 MSRP. Read on as we take a quick look at the new OKC Ti22 Equinox folder.

The Ti22 Equinox is the second knife in OKC’s titanium-based folding knife series, following the Ti22 Ultrablue. Both the Equinox and Ultrablue feature a machined titanium handle with frame lock. The lock mechanism features a steel insert to prevent galling between the lock bar and blade, an issue that often leads to sticky lockup on knives that lack a steel insert. This insert also has a built-in overtravel tab to prevent the lockbar from bending too far outward and incurring damage.

Both Ti22 models use the same tanto-style blade design, with a flipper and jimping along the spine. They also both use the same deep-carry pocket clip, which is reversible for tip-up or tip-down carry — out of the box, it comes in our preferred tip-up configuration.

The Ti22 Equinox diverges from its Ultrablue sibling in both finish and materials. The Ultrablue used AUS-8 steel, which is a decent (but not excellent) entry-level choice. However, the Equinox seen here uses S35VN steel hardened to 58-60 HRC. This is one of our favorite steels for every-day carry thanks to its solid durability and edge retention.

This blade is finished in black powder coat, which contrasts nicely with the bronze titanium handle. The hardware for the pivot, spacers, and pocket clip is all finished in black as well. Although we’d prefer this knife to be made in the USA rather than China, we understand that this is the reason its price isn’t a few hundred dollars higher. The sample we received has a smooth flipper mechanism, precise lockup, and clean grind, so it appears that OKC isn’t skimping on manufacturing quality.

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