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Martial Arts for Kids – First Self Defense Lesson (Krav Maga)

Today in the Kids Dojo, Sensei Michael will give you your first self defense lesson. These moves aren’t just for the movies, but will show you what to do if someone is trying to harm you or take you away. This lesson is great for ages 5-12.

We will learn:

– Your Most Powerful Weapon 0:51
-Self Protection Stance 1:54
-High Block 3:37
-Palm Strike 7:16
-Front Choke Defense 11:04

Do you want more free martial arts for kids lessons? Like this video and comment to let us know. Have fun training!

Sensei Michael Hodge is a Head Instructor at the Global Martial Arts University, and also runs a kids-only private academy in a small town in North Texas.

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