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FULL Prepper Pantry TOUR 2022 // beginner prepping // emergency food storage//stockpile organization

Hi! I’m Rae, a wife and mom of three kids who works full time in corporate America. The world is a different place these days, and it’s compelled me to start building my emergency food and supply stockpile. All mothers, whether they are a working mom or a stay at home mom should consider starting to build a pantry of food and supplies to feed their families in case of an unexpected situation. The last position I’d want to be in is one where my children are hungry and I can’t feed them. I started couponing and frugally purchasing food and supplies here and there when I can to slowly build a pantry full of food that could last my family several weeks.

In this video, I’m FINALLY sharing with you my ENTIRE pantry tour with all of my emergency prepping supplies!

This channel documents my journey to self-sufficient, independent living. I’m going to be stockpiling and learning new skills to care for my family if the comforts and conveniences of our current lives no long exist. I hope to inspire other families to start the same journey and become less reliant on grocery stores and our delicate supply chain for the items they need to live. If you want to follow allow on this journey please consider subscribing to my channel! I post new videos every Sunday night.

Here is a link to the video from City Prepping that I mentioned where Chris discusses the benefits of amaranth in your prepping supplies:

Wire Racks on Wall:
Battery Storage Container:
Stackable Can Rotators:
Waterproof Cases:
Aquatainer 7 gallon containers:
Mylar bags with ziplock top:



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