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This is a 3 vs. 1 multiple attacker scenario that can certainly happen, were one or more attackers decide to come back and attack you as payback.

So, if ever you actually do find yourself in this type of situation, where you’re alone against three guys that are much bigger than you, you need to think fast about what move you’re going to do. Situations like these happen so quickly, you only have a few seconds to decide on what you’re going to do to survive and outmaneuver your opponents.

First of all, you shouldn’t stay in one position if they are all coming at you. You need to move. You never know if one of them has a weapon, or what their next move will be. As you saw in the video, the attacker who was carrying a knife tried to use it.

With that said, it’s important to not only focus on trapping the knife in these type of situations, because it’s an unfair fight. When it’s a 3 vs. 1 type of situation, you need to be aware of all three attackers, and it gets too complicated and dangerous focusing only on the one with the weapon.

The other ones that are well positioned can try to take you down or strike you and that will create a problem for you…It can get you killed.

Having said all of this, do not focus on staying and fighting in this type of situation. It’s too risky, and not worth your life. Focus on getting out alive by being aware of your attackers movements and of your surroundings.

Multiple Attackers [Official video]

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3 vs 1 Self-Defense Scenario:

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