Top 10 Ultimate Urban Survival Kit & Bug Out Bag Gear Essentials

Top 10 Ultimate Urban Survival Kit & Bug Out Bag Gear Essentials
Are you looking for the best urban survival kit and bug out bag gear and gadgets available on Amazon of 2021? These are some of the best urban emergency survival gear and gadgets available on the market today:

✅1. Maxpedition Tiburon Backpack
✅2. Sawyer Products SP134 TAP Water Filtration System
✅3. EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit IFAK Molle System Bug Out Bag Emergency Kits
✅4. Hyke & Byke Katahdin 32F 15 0F 625 Fill Power Hydrophobic Sleeping Bag
✅5. UTOOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket, Waterproof Insulated Tarp, Reflective Blanket Tarp, Space Blankets Survival, Thermal Blanket for urban survival
✅6. Pinty G.I. Army Stainless Steel Canteen
✅7. 4Patriots: Emergency Food Supply
✅8. Garmin GPSMAP 64sx, Handheld GPS
✅9. WUBEN 1200 Lumens LED Flashlight USB Rechargeable
✅10. Solar Charger 26800mAh, Riapow Solar Power Bank 4 Outputs USB C Quick Charge Qi Wireless Portable Charger with LED Flashlight
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Preppers spend a lot of time talking about what gear to put in their bug out bags. By comparison, we hardly ever talk about urban survival gear beyond the obvious like food, water, and emergency lighting.
To be truly well prepared for a disaster, you need to tailor your survival kit to your surroundings.
For example, someone from a highly urbanized area will have different needs from someone living in a more rural area.
Bug out situations that occur in urban centers have several unique factors to consider when building your Bug Out Bag packing list. These urban survival factors include:
Having to deal with building debris and glass in the wake of the disaster event.
Increased likelihood of opportunities to scavenge water and food from abandoned buildings.
The possibility of finding supply caches in abandoned buildings – looting is not endorsed by this site but if abandoned supplies mean the difference between life and death, go for it.
Increased likelihood of encountering humans – This can be both good and bad based on the disposition of the people faced and how you handle the situation. Other survivors can be bartered with and be valuable sources for information as well as dangerous criminals. Approach them with caution in mind.
Less need for emergency shelter as there should be many buildings around and debris available to cobble a shelter together if need be.
Here we will look at some urban survival gear to add to your Bug Out Bag that will customize it into a self-sufficient urban survival kit.
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