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This week I wanted to bring back Randy “Rawhide” Wurst to cover layering of Survival gear.
Randy did a series of these videos that you can find in our video archive. He covered gear in his vehicle and everything. However, to save time in an already long video, Randy didn’t open every pouch and pocket.
We’ll, people bitched… they wanted to see EVERYTHING.
So, I’ve brought Randy back to empty every pocket. I hope you enjoy.
Randy has listed a few of his items to make it easier for you to find:
1. : Game Winner backpack
2. Bevy Sack: Buy at Military surplus Store.
3. Inflatable air mattress: Static V Recommend, 72x23x2.5 in, 18.6 oz.
4. Standard Army Wool Blanket at a Army Surplus Store
5. Water filters: Frontier Pro; Lifestraw; Sawyer Mini water filtration system.
6. NRITITOYA Portable Solar Charger
7. Subzero Stainless Steel water bottle
8. Schrade: Outdoor Kit, Multi tool Set Product#: 1084299
9. Silva Compass: Starter 1-2-3 model
10. Hand Saw by Fiskars at Lowe’s
11. Marble: Take Down Shovel & Pick
12. Fiskars Hatchet w/saw inside handle
13. 10’x10’ Trap no name on Tarp
14. Water bladder: Game Winner
15. Umbrella Camo Blind: Sagfree Socks Camo; email:
16. Light: Power Tac E20 rc0922
17. Bono’s: Bushnell mini 8 power
18. Small Tarp: no name, order on line
19. Headlamp: Streamlight Bandit Pro/ 300 Lumes, model 0119
20. Leatherman: Hunters Trimmer & Multi Tool.

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