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Top 10 Methods of how to defend yourself when UNARMED Against A Knife Attack or Threat – Part 1

This is the first clip from our Series. Top 10 Unarmed Defense Against A Knife Attack or Threat. In part one, we introduce you to the inside and outside forearm disarms against someone holding a knife in the sabre grip position and the reverse or ice-pick grip position.

There are very few techniques that I’ve seen throughout my 35+ years of training in the martial arts, sport fighting and self defense fields that I feel confident to say they work well when applied correctly. These are some of the “Street Tested & Proven” principles that I’ve used over the years as an executive security officer, bouncer and street fighter with great success.

Special Thanks to Dave Stafford for assisting in the video and to Steve Durand as our videographer.

**** These techniques have the potential to seriously injure, maim, or even cause death.
1) You should NEVER use a live blade to train
2) ALWAYS train under the supervision of a trained professional there with you.
3) Choose your training partner carefully to be sure you take care of each other.
***This is for entertainment and information for the Jing Shen Kuoshu members and not meant to be used solely as instruction without a qualified supervisor. Be sure to pause and read the video disclaimer.

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