Survival Gear You Can Still Afford (For Now…)

Inflation is at levels we haven’t seen in 40 years. However, there is still some useful prepper and survival gear that most of us can afford.

Recommended Prepper and Survival Gear:
Mora Companion: (affiliate link)
Midland ER210 Emergency Radio: (affiliate link)
Solo Alcohol Stove: (affiliate link)
Sawyer TAP Filter: (affiliate link)
Sawyer Mini: (affiliate link)
Scepter Military Water Can: (affiliate link)
Water Brick 2-Pack: (affiliate link)
USGI Poncho: (affiliate link)
Bahco Laplander: (affiliate link)
Stainless Steel Water Bottle Set: (affiliate link)
Mountain House Freeze-Dried Foods: (affiliate link)

Midland ER310 Review:
How to Cook Indoors without Electricity:
Sawyer TAP Filter Review:
Best Portable Water Containers:

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