Survival Gardening

Survival Gardening – Top 5 Vegetables to grow in your garden in an apocalypse or crisis

In today’s episode we look at growing 5 vegetables during difficult times like these when your grocery stores have run out of produce & supplies. These five easy to grow vegetables in your home garden will let you survive during these difficult and extreme times of healthcare emergencies. Gardening to make your won produce or groceries is easy and these simple gardening tips will teach you what are the top 5 vegetables and herbs to grow in your home garden. Survival gardening is needed in extreme times or when you want to stock up food for sustainability. A survival garden will help you meet your needs during food shortage.

These gardening tips and gardening ideas by California Gardening will make it easy for you to have survival food in your garden during times of crisis. Here are the five foods:

1. Potatoes
2. Herbs & Greens (Lettuce)
3. Radish
4. Tomatoes
5. Beans

Survival gardening during a crisis is easy if you follow these easy gardening steps

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