Best Fillet Knife: Top 6 Choices for 2022

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Fillet knives are used for filleting fish. This type of knife is ideal for preparing fish for cooking, so you’ll find it in the kitchen of almost every home where a good meal is prepared. Although fillet knives were traditionally made of carbon steel, today many different materials are used to make them.

A common belief is that the best fish fillet knife is made from top-quality steel. It’s sharp, has a thin blade, and isn’t too flexible – these all characterize the best fillet knife. However, other features justify choosing a particular model. I have worked with various fillet knives in the past and believe that Kessaku 7-Inch flexible fillet knife is right up there with the best. Read on to know more about this knife and other top knives out there.

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Best Fillet Knife

A fillet knife has been designed as a multipurpose product for kitchen use to cut food such as meat and fish. It also becomes handy when cleaning fish and meat in the kitchen. These knives are popularly used by chefs, restaurateurs, chefs, and cooks who have knowledge about culinary arts and crafts. Let’s take a look at the top models you can bet your money on.

  • DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – 7″ Flexible Blade
  • BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
  • Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife
  • Rapala R12HDRF- R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife
  • Boning (Fillet) Knife 6.5 inch By Oxford Chef
  • Kessaku 7-Inch Flexible Fillet Knife

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – 7″ Flexible Blade

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Experience the next generation of filleting knives with this flexible fillet knife by Dalstrong. Designed for professional and discerning home cooks, this knife is made with surgical-grade German steel, with a sharp and flexible blade that cuts through even the most challenging fish with ease. The handle is made of black Spanish pakkawood with an ergonomic design that feels comfortable and well-balanced in your hands. This knife comes with a protective sheath, making it easy to store in a kitchen drawer or carry safely in your knife bag or tackle box.

Designed to fit the contours of your hands, the premium, ergonomic Pakkawood handles include a traditional Japanese D-shape and are triple-riveted for even more durability. The Durable carrying case is crafted with a velvet liner to protect the blade and keep it razor sharp.

Key Specs

DALSTRONG’s fillet knife is exceptionally versatile, perfect for almost all slicing and rocking cuts, but with a little bit of a “tip,” designed for more delicate work. Each knife is precision-forged from a single piece of ultra-premium German steel.


This 7″ flexible blade fillet knife will give you the ultra-thin slicing, delicacy, and flexibility needed when preparing fish. Don’t risk using dull knives or subpar materials that can damage your catch of the day. When it comes to the delicate art of filleting, get ready for a whole new level of quality and precision.

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

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The Bubba Li-Ion cordless electric fillet knife has a powerful, removable 7.4-volt Li-ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to an hour between charges. The 9″ stainless steel fillet blade is non-stick coated to prevent rust and makes cleaning easy. The locking feature on this knife’s trigger allows for continuous use when removing scales or boning.

Enjoy a mess-free experience when filleting fish with the Bubba Li-Ion cordless electric fillet knife. The interchangeable blades allow you to skin or slice your day’s catch and then simply wash them off. Made of stainless steel, they’re durable and easy to clean.

Key Specs

Anglers everywhere can appreciate the power and performance of the Bubba Li-Ion cordless electric fillet knife. This versatile knife set includes two Li-Ion batteries, a charger, and stainless steel reciprocating blades with protective sheaths. The powerful electric motor, ergonomic handle, and non-slip trigger provide optimal control so you can carve out your next meal with ease.


Quickly and easily fillet your catch with the Bubba Li-Ion cordless electric fillet knife. This powerful knife provides a smooth, controlled filleting experience and can handle any size of fish. The non-stick, reciprocating blades cut through fish with ease, while the rechargeable lithium battery is built to last. An included USB charger offers convenient charging anywhere.

Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife

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The Calamus fishing fillet knife is the perfect fishing knife for cutting meat and filleting fish. With a 7″ stainless steel blade, you can rest assured that this blade will cut smoothly through your catch of the day, leaving you with perfect cuts every time you go fishing.

It is impossible to slip when using this knife to feature a sturdy handle that allows for excellent grip. Its foldable design makes it extremely easy to carry around and is ideal for your outdoor activities. Whether you are preparing meat for BBQ or filleting fish for dinner, our Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife is the perfect kitchen tool for all your needs.

Key Specs

The Calamus fishing fillet knife is an ideal tool for cutting and de-scaling fish. The blade has a soft-grip handle made of plastic and stainless steel. It also comes with a sheath that stores the knife. It is a preferred choice for fishing enthusiasts. The high-carbon stainless steel blade ensures excellent edge retention, strength, and durability. It features an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip to provide optimum comfort and control for a smooth, filleting experience.


The Calamus fillet knife is perfect for field-to-table dinners. This knife is designed for filleting and boning fish with a straight edge. The full-tang high carbon stainless steel blade with the easy-clean polypropylene handle makes this the ideal choice for serious anglers.

Rapala R12HDRF- R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife

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Rapala makes a line of knives that are made to last. This set, the Rapala Heavy-Duty lithium fillet knife kit, is one that is intended for the fisherman who wants utility, portability, and power combined.

With the Rapala Heavy-Duty lithium fillet knife kit, stay out on the water for long periods, even in the blazing sun. Thanks to its lithium-ion technology, the rechargeable battery lasts 3X longer and charges 5X faster than average cordless fillet knives, which eliminates memory loss. The lithium-ion battery is also corrosion resistant and will not drain or lose power if not in use for lengthy periods.

Key Specs

The aggressive power of the Rapala Heavy-Duty lithium fillet knife kit is everything you’ve come to expect from Rapala. With 120V of power and the Gore Clean Technology, it provides a 50% longer service life versus the competition (compared with other market blades). The powerful yet compact lithium-ion battery makes for a fade-free, no-memory battery life. It features two blades that are ideal for heavy-duty filleting.


The Rapala Heavy-Duty lithium fillet knife kit features a powerful lithium-ion battery that powers through the thickest fish and does it on a single charge! The knife gives you precise control over every cut with a variable speed trigger. And with a water-resistant actuator switch, it operates safely in wet conditions.

Boning (Fillet) Knife 6.5 inch By Oxford Chef

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This versatile Boning (Fillet) knife has a curved blade that is designed to get around bones, joints, and cartilage. The pointed tip can be used for removing silverskin from the tenderloin or other muscles, and it offers more control for handling more minor tasks.

The design of the Oxford Chef Boning knife is the result of the close collaboration between professional and home chefs. This knife features a 6.5-inch Japanese stainless steel blade for optimal edge retention, strength, and corrosion resistance to match the ergonomic handle for balance, safety, comfort, and ease of use.

Key Specs

This Boning knife is made from high-quality stainless steel. Its curved flexi-blade can be used for filleting fish, carving, and jointing meat, poultry, and game. The blade is made from thick stainless steel, which maintains its sharpness longer when frequently cut down on rigid boards while maintaining its cutting edge.


Oxford Chef provides a unique assortment of professional quality knives, tools, and accessories for the home kitchen. This Boning knife slices through meat with speed and precision, leaving the meat clean off the bone with less waste. This knife is designed for fish and boneless meat, cutting easily through your fillets. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that stays sharper longer.

Kessaku 7-Inch Flexible Fillet Knife

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If you love to fish, you know that it doesn’t stop with catching the fish. If you catch it, you have to cook it, and if you cook it, you have to cut it. And cutting it so that all of your dinner guests can enjoy that perfect fillet is definitely the most challenging part. That’s why I recommend the Kessaku 7-Inch flexible fillet knife with a thinner, shorter blade, making it easier to work around a smaller piece of fish. The difference is in the details – from the hand-sharpened blade to the pakkawood handle for comfort and control. Prepare for compliments.

The Kessaku 7-Inch Flexible Fillet Knife is essential for every angler’s tackle box. Each knife is laser tested to ensure absolute razor sharpness. Full tang construction provides superior strength, stability, and control. The handle is non-porous, sanitary, and heat resistant. It will not crack or warp, even after years of use.

Key Specs

The Kessaku 7-Inch flexible fillet knife features a high carbon, non-stick blade built to last. The innovative handle design is specially weighted and balanced to provide unrivaled ergonomics and comfort while slicing, while the precision heat-treated edges provide lasting sharpness and performance.


The Kessaku flexible fillet knife is the perfect tool for all fishermen with its 7-inches of super-sharp steel. Its superior flexibility allows you to make a clean and smooth cutting surface, so your fillets are neat and intact.

Buying Guide: What Should I Look For in a Fillet Knife?

When you’re looking for a fillet knife, it’s essential to consider the grip. The knife should be easy for you to hold, and the blade should be comfortable for your hand. The knife you choose should also fit your budget, so shop around until you find one in your price range. Keep in mind that a good fillet knife will last for years, so it’s worth investing in one with high-quality materials.

Fillet knives, which are designed to slice through and remove the skin from fish, are essential for any angler or cook who serves fish. But with so many fillet knives on the market, it can be hard to understand what features separate a good fillet knife from a great one.

Here’s a quick overview of the most important things to look for in a fillet knife:

Blade length – The knife’s blade should be long enough that you can easily slice through the body of fish but short enough to fit in your tackle box.

Grip – A good handle is vital. You want one that fits comfortably in your hand and won’t slip, even when wet.

Flexibility – A flexible blade makes it easier to fillet around bones and other tricky fish parts.

Weight – Heavier knives will cut more smoothly than lighter ones (think about how much easier it is to chop wood with an ax versus a butter knife), but if you’re going on a fishing trip where you’ll be carrying the knife all day, you might prefer something lighter for ease of use.

Fillet knives are an essential component of any fish enthusiast’s gear. The blade allows you to separate the skin and flesh from the fish’s bones in a clean, efficient manner and is most commonly used to prepare fish that you’ve caught yourself.

When it comes to fillet knives, there are two main types: electric and traditional. Electric knives use batteries or AC power to operate, whereas traditional knives rely on the user’s muscle power alone. Electric knives are more expensive than traditional ones, but they can offer greater ease of use and efficiency. However, many people prefer conventional blades because they’re cheaper than electric models, don’t require extra batteries or AC cords, and can be used in rougher conditions where electricity isn’t available.

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What is the best size fish fillet knife?

The best fillet knife is the one that suits your needs. If you are planning to take it on a fishing trip and carry it with you, you may want a smaller fillet knife, so it is easier to carry around. However, if you need something that’s more stable, then a larger blade may be better for you.

The best way to find out which size would be best for your needs is to try a few out in person before making your final decision.

Final Verdict

There are many benefits to owning a fillet knife. The best knives have been made with quality in mind and give you the edge that you need when working with fish and game. Focus on asking questions so that you can narrow down your choices to one or two top-quality knives from one of these great companies. You will not be disappointed, as long as you do some homework first to find just what you need.

I personally love the Kessaku 7-Inch flexible fillet knife because of the precision it offers and the comfort while filleting.

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