Survival Kit in a Water Bottle

This Survival Kit is meant to be compact and easy to carry. There was much more that would be good to have in a survival kit, but nothing more would fit. I had to choose the most vital and compact gear that I could fit. What would you add or replace?

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Amazon links to most of the gear for this kit:
Nalgene Water bottle:
Condor water pouch:
Water pouch:
Hand crank flashlight:
Gauze roll:
Wound seal:
Victorinox Huntsman:
Dry fuel tablets:
Wire saw:
Fishing kit:
Magnesium flint striker:
Fresnel lense:
Duct tape:
Krazy glue:
Titan Paracord:
Sawyer filter:
Waterproof matches:
Compressed towellete:
Swiss Safe Mylar blanket:

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