Best Survival Gear You'll Actually Use

There are a lot of things that preppers and survivalists can spend their money on. Here are some prepper and survival items that you will actually use.

Recommended Prepper and Survival Gear:
Berkey Water Filter: (affiliate link)
Water Brick Water Containers: (affiliate link)
Victorinox Hunstman: (affiliate link)
Maglite XL-50 Flashlight: (affiliate link)
Can Rotator: (affiliate link)
Champion Dual-Fuel Generator: (affiliate link)
Jackery Solar Generator 1000: (affiliate link)
Bic Lighters: (affiliate link)
Coleman Camp Stove: (affiliate link)
Mr. Heater Buddy Heater: (affiliate link)
Battery-Operated Tent Fan: (affiliate link)

How to Purify Water During a Long-Term Disaster:

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