Self Defense

Self-defense using Judo

Self-defense using Judo. I make a few assumptions here. Self-defense is not as simple as this. Also, if the person that is attacking you is skilled, then it things change.

Judo is a self-improvement tool! That being said, here are some self defense tips and ideas:

1. Always keep your hands up.
2. Assume that most people are right-handed. You can usually tell what side they are dominant to based on which leg they are leading with.

Part one: Circle to their weak side and expect a looping hand. Close distance and pin their dominant hand with an overhook and use your dominant hand to collar tie. Turn throw time! Or o uchi, de ashi, and a huge ko soto gake.

Part two: Fake double leg with a level change to avoid strikes. Climb up the body and take the back. From here, there are many options. Te guruma, or a high crotch is one.

Remember, as a grappler the goal is to close the distance before getting hit in the face.My youtube membership

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