Tips & Basics

Prepper Tips from the Bunker. part 1 of 2. A 420 Special.

Happy 4 20!
Safety 1st! Always wear eye protection in Mother Natures Bush.
Prep to Live Live to Prep
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Video is a LAZEn BLAZE video production
in association with KCC Entertainment NorthPath.
Filmed by: LAZEn BLAZE
Directed by: LAZEn BLAZE
In full co-operation with RACKmSTACKm & PreDug STUDIOS
Captured in: 04/2022 Earth Time.
PNWskyNet Crosman 1377’s featured today.
I am just another Internet Klown Show! Do Not Apply anything I say or do! What is shown on my videos is for Entertainment purposes ONLY!
We don’t use sciences either.
Sector 13
City 17
half-life Alex
CC: en la espano? yo no se?

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