7 Best Concealed Carry Backpack for EDC

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The best concealed carry backpack should be practical enough for everyday carry. It should also give you easy and quick access to your gear.

After trying numerous concealed carry backpacks, I selected the High Sierra Swerve to be the best one on the market. It provided me with complete convenience and satisfaction.

It looks like any other backpack you might see, but on the inside, High Sierra Swerve has efficiently used its roomy 36.5-liter capacity. It also added multiple pockets for a pen, a zippered mesh, a lidded media, and a key fob hook. In addition, there’s a large main compartment to keep your gear and firearm safe and organized.

In this review, I compared some of the best concealed carry backpacks available, so read on as I go through their different features to help you make a buying decision.

Here Are the Best Concealed Carry Backpack (Our Picks)

Now, let’s have an in-depth look at each concealed carry backpack to help you figure out which one of them is the best fit for your needs.

1- High Sierra Swerve – Best Overall

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With a capacity of 36.5 liters, the High Sierra Swerve Backpack can accommodate a laptop up to 17 inches in a fully padded laptop zone. In addition, it has a tech-spot sleeve dedicated to an iPad or tablet.

Moreover, the backpack has a lot of pockets and various main compartments for different components, including a secure weapon sleeve. The bottom area is padded to protect these components.

Furthermore, there’s a zippered mesh pocket, a lidded media pocket, a pen pocket, and a key fob hook where you can put your small items like cards and keys. There are also slip pockets and an interior zip pocket on the inside. As a result, you can include your belongings and easily access them.

The backpack has a suspension system that helps you carry heavy gears without feeling strained, and it reduces the shock of load transfer, allowing for long-distance walks.

And the back panel’s moisture-wicking mesh material has deep air channels for a more comfortable carry and better breathability. 

Let’s not forget that it has side compression straps for heavy gears like fishing rods and sports equipment. And surprisingly, the backpack has a headphone port and a built-in USB port pocket.


If you’re a frequent traveler, then the High Sierra Swerve will be your best concealed carry backpack companion. Its large capacity and various pockets will ensure that you’ll have your heaviest gears comfortably carried, safely organized, and easily accessed. 

2- Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 – Budget Pick

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The Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 Backpack is a must-have when looking for a practical yet affordable concealed carry backpack. It provides a capacity of 30 liters with compartments for different gears to offer you strategic packing and ease of arrangement. 

This backpack is made of ultra polyester, which keeps your gear safe, and that’s why the backpack itself is super durable and will serve you for a long time.

In addition, it’s strong enough to support your gear that’s hung on the convenience straps. As a result, the backpack is helpful in case you need straps for skateboards or sports bats. After all, it’ll never snap under pressure.

While the backpack isn’t completely waterproof, it can withstand brief rain showers. So, it’s an excellent choice for adequate protection.

Additionally, the Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 is a multipurpose backpack. It’s suitable for various activities; you can use it in hunting, cycling tours, and daily commuting.


If you’re looking for a super durable concealed carry backpack that can hold all your gear and doesn’t break your bank, then the Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 is your best fit. This multipurpose backpack comes with a capacity of 30 liters, where you can easily arrange and access your gears.

3- Vertx Gamut 2.0 – Best Compartment 

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Suppose you have bulky stuff that requires a larger opening area. In that case, the Vertx Gamut 2.0 Backpack has a 25-liter main compartment that opens up to 180 degrees to help you load all your extensive gear and access them easily. 

The backpack also comes with a section dedicated to securing your weapon, along with a quick-access pull tab for emergencies and a safety loop lining. Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable padded laptop sleeve to accommodate various laptop sizes.

In addition, it has hook and loop options, strategically placed loop panels, four gear slots, and zippered mesh pockets. As a result, you can easily pack different items and equipment for hiking, hunting, and commuting.

And since the backpack comes with zippered side compartments that conveniently open toward the body, it provides impressive security. In addition to the side compartments, it has drop-in pockets that secure valuable gear. The pockets are also helpful for neat packing.

Moreover, you’ll appreciate the backpack’s excellent carrying comfort. For instance, the back panel is made of 3D-molded foam, which improves comfort. In addition to that, the shoulder straps are breathable and padded. They can also be adjusted to fit different body types. Lastly, the adjustable waist belt on the backpack will encourage weight distribution to reduce fatigue.


The Vertx Gamut 2.0 Backpack comes with the most expansive opening area that would fit your oversized gear. It has weapon-compatible slots, zippered mesh pockets, and side compartments for more organized and accessible equipment. Finally, it’s comfortable to carry and ensures you the highest levels of gear security.

4- 3V Gear Outlaw – Multipurpose Pick

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If you want a backpack that has the features of concealed carry and at the same time has a perfect military design, then the 3V Gear Outlaw will be your perfect match.

Essentially, the backpack combines the features of the daily commuting bag and the urban assault bag. As a result, you can use it as a hunting bag, service pack, rucksack, or hiking bag; it’s a multipurpose bag.

Furthermore, the backpack is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester with double-stitched seams for weather resistance and more durability. And there’s a Y-strap, which is designed to stiffen the backpack’s compartments and eliminate the distress of stuff shifting around. 

Moreover, the backpack panel is molded, which increases rigidity while improving airflow. It also increases the thickness and padding of the shoulder strap, and this ensures that the backpack is fully supported. It’s worth noting that these straps help keep the backpack secure while providing maximum carrying comfort.

This backpack has several access points, pockets, and compartments, making it simple to pack all your different gear. And the strategic points make it simple for you to pack quick-access weapons and other gear. In addition, the padded compartment will enable you to carry your laptop safely.

The best part is that the 3V Gear Outlaw has a versatile design that allows you to access your gear without taking off your backpack. Since all of the zips are aligned horizontally for easy access, all you have to do is sling it to the front to open the zip and grab what you need quickly.


The 3V Gear Outlaw is a multipurpose concealed carry backpack. It’ll be suitable for all your daily outings, hunting trips, or military duty. It’s also heavy-duty, thanks to its 600D polyester material, which will secure your heavy gear in place and keep it well organized for easy access.

5- Elite Survival Systems Guardian – Most Durable

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The Elite Survival Systems Concealed Carry Backpack is excellent for a rugged survival backpack. 

It’s made of 1000 denier nylon and features heavy-duty zippers along with a 25-liter capacity. The zipper and the material used for its manufacture are tear and water-resistant, which increases the backpack’s durability. 

The backpack interior is also wholly padded on both the bottom and the sides. This padding not only adds durability but also allows for optimal gear protection.

In addition, the backpack is designed to allow easy organizing and access. That’s why there’s a forward compartment with a dedicated pocket for an iPad or a tablet and a compartment lined with soft nylon for your laptop.

Moreover, there are flat accessory pockets and a few mesh pockets, which are meant for strategic packing, along with a front pocket that secures your documents.

If you’re carrying weapons for self-defense, then it’s best to keep them in a strategic, easy-to-grab position. And here comes the importance of the low-profile laser-cut MOLLE on the sides and front of this backpack.

There’s also a hidden compartment that consists of an internal holster that you can access from either side of the bag.

And the cherry on the top is that you’ll receive additional sleeves for your luxury and convenience, such as a zippered eyewear sleeve at the top with a soft padded interior along with a couple of water bottle pockets.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting concealed carry backpack, then the Elite Survival Systems Backpack should be your go-to option. It’s super durable, thanks to its nylon material and heavy-duty zippers. And it comes with numerous pockets and compartments dedicated to different components, along with a strategic sleeve for weapons.

6- Reebow Gear Tactical – Best Sling Design

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The Reebow Gear Tactical Backpack’s main strength is its sling design; it’s trendy, outstanding, and sophisticated. 

This backpack also comes with a MOLLE for organized tactical packing and can be used as a typical day pack. And thanks to its 34-liter capacity, you’ll never go out without any of your essential gear.

Moreover, this back panel MOLLE can accommodate a knife or a pistol, and they’ll be well hidden from view. And there’s enough room for extra ammunition in the same drawstring sleeve.

The back panel is also softly padded so that the components of the weapon sleeve won’t be too heavy on your back. Despite its hidden location, you can easily retrieve your weapon in an emergency.

What’s more, there’s a compartment for a notepad, a 9.7-inch iPad, or a tablet of the same size. And finally, the main compartment can accommodate additional items such as a water bottle, flashlight, wallet, cell phone, and a book.

When it comes to the material of manufacture, this backpack is made of rigid 600D polyester fabric, which is highly durable. And it boasts an ergonomic strap that has a one-shoulder design, which prevents it from breaking under the weight.

This design is complemented by two smaller straps that keep the backpack from swaying sideways while moving. This way, you won’t experience shoulder pain.


The Reebow Gear Tactical is a stylish and inexpensive backpack yet comfortable for carrying all your gear, thanks to its ergonomic shoulder strap that’ll minimize pressure off your shoulder. It also comes with excellent high-quality material to provide you with amazing durability.

7- Herschel Retreat – Modest Pick

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If you’re modest and looking for a concealed carry backpack that’ll reflect your personality, the Herschel Retreat Backpack has got you covered. It has a modest appearance that’ll suit your needs and appeal to your preferences. 

However, despite its modesty, you’ll be surprised by what the backpack has to offer, from a large capacity of 19.5 liters to high-quality, durable fabric that’ll endure your heavy-duty trips.

The backpack also has a fleece-padded central compartment. Hence, you can safely store a laptop or a shotgun. In addition, the compartment can carry everything you need for a full day of outdoor activities. There’s also a drop compartment at the backpack’s front to strategically store cards and a small knife.

And the backpack comes with a magnetic closure with pin buckles that allow you to quickly put it back on and confront your attacker without fear of the components dropping off.

What’s more, the backpack is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. It’s also scratch-resistant and impervious to light rain. Finally, the material is enhanced with leather belts, which maximizes performance and durability.


Despite the modest appearance of the Herschel Retreat Backpack, it’s a durable pick. Thanks to its padded shoulder straps, it’ll provide you with comfort for long day travels. In addition to that, it has a large compartment of 19.5 liters capacity that’ll allow you to carry all you need for the day.

What Makes a Good Concealed Carry Backpack?

If there’s a backpack that you like the most and you’re thinking of getting it to use as a concealed carry backpack, then there are a few criteria you should look for in this backpack to ensure that it’ll do the job efficiently.


A practical concealed carry backpack allows you to draw your gun quickly. The availability of a holster is an example. Concealed backpacks provide gun holsters with Velcro panels for easy and quick weapon draws. Easy access to firearms can save you a lot of time in life-threatening situations.

Security and Safety

The ability to keep your firearm safe and secure is part of the job of any concealed carry backpack. The perfect carry backpack will have an inside pocket to keep your gun secure in its holster. Several backpacks allow you to carry more than one firearm, and they offer more space for more than one holster, so you’ll be able to keep your guns safe. 

Besides, there are other styles of backpacks that’ll allow you to carry your firearm along with other small weapons such as knives.


An efficient concealed carry backpack contributes to the gray man look, allowing you to blend in with the rest of the people around you without them knowing that you’re carrying a gun. So, you may want to avoid the tactical look as much as possible.

Construction Quality

One of the essential characteristics of an efficient concealed carry backpack is its quality. For example, carry backpacks made of nylon or polyester tend to have high durability and water resistance features.

These two materials increase the sturdiness of a bag, making it last for years of heavy daily use. So, choose a backpack made of high-quality materials to get the most value for your money.


Comfort is an important consideration, especially if you’re heading to your service area or through your campus daily.

Carrying the backpack’s weight can be exhausting if it doesn’t fit properly. That’s why you need to look for a backpack that comes with padded straps so you won’t feel tired by lifting heavy weights on your shoulders.

Many manufacturers are now producing attractive concealed carry backpacks designed to be easy to carry even if they’re loaded.


The more backpack capacity liters you’ll get, the more items you can travel with every time. For example, if you need to store more ammo for your gun, and at the same time, you need your laptop, iPad, keys, cards, and so on, you’ll need to get a backpack with extra compartments to secure all of your belongings.

Final Verdict

After this detailed review of the best concealed carry backpack, it’s time to announce the winner one more time; it’s the High Sierra Swerve. If you’re the person who doesn’t leave any of your belongings behind, then this is the best fit for you.

This backpack stands out from its rivals with the suspension system it provides. It makes the heaviest load seem too comfortable to carry by absorbing the shock of weight transfer while walking all day long.

In addition, this is the only backpack on my list that comes with a headphone and a USB port, so you won’t be cut off; instead, you’ll stay connected with the world if your mobile battery dies.

Furthermore, this backpack has a large capacity of 36.5 liters; you won’t leave any of your items behind. For example, you’d be able to carry your large laptop of 17 inches in the padded laptop zone and even carry your tablet in the tech-spot sleeve. It also has a secure weapon sleeve.

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