Top 10 Bushcraft Essential Items You Need for Survival

Top 10 Bushcraft Essential Items You Need for Survival
Are you looking for the best bushcraft gear and tools that you must have in 2021? These are some of the coolest bushcraft & wilderness survival gear and tolls we found so far:

✅1. Holtzman’s Bloodline Bushcraft knife
✅2. Surviveware Stormproof Matches
✅3. Schrade SCAXE2L Survival Axe
✅4. SHARPAL 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool
✅5. AquaQuest Waterproof Medium-Duty Safari Tarp
✅6. Platypus Quickdraw Microfiler
✅7. WEYLAND Survival Settlers Tool Bushcraft Hand Auger Wrench
✅8. Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack Rucksack
✅9. überleben Stoker Flatpack Stove
✅10.OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow Ultralight Bushcraft Shelter 2.0
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What is the best equipment to carry for short 2-3 night bushcraft style, wild camping trips? We have been asked this question many times, over the years and have now come up with a comprehensive list of equipment that we would suggest is the minimum for a comfortable, safe and productive trip.
This kit list is catered towards the temperate, British climate but is useful for many environments and climates. This kit wil be particularly useful for woodland environments.
Any outdoor/survival kit worth its salt should cover all the basic needs of survival which are : shelter, fire, water, first aid, food, signalling and navigation. The following list comprehensively covers all these necessities whilst still being minimalist, to save weight.
A note on clothing – Moisture wicking baselayers close to the skin will maximise comfort and performance. Trousers and tops appropriate to season. Outer water proof layer for rain/sleet/snow/wind protection (we would recommend a poncho as they are lightweight, versatile and will stop your bag getting wet too). For colder conditions, we would suggest another thermal layer as opposed to a single, thicker, garment. Layering clothing is more effective as it allows for greater temperature regulation across a spectrum of conditions. A good pair of lightweight, durable boots which offer lots of support is invaluable. A warm hat and pair of gloves is a must in most seasons. A spare hat for sleeping and rest is a great idea! Remember, your clothes are your first line of defence against the elements.
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