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BO STAFF for Self Defense?! W/ Icy Mike and Sensei David

The Bo Staff is one of the older and more primitive martial arts weapons… It’s literally just a super long tool of POSSIBLE destruction.. But in this episode @hard2hurt , @SenseiDavid and I talk about just how useful of a self defense tool this can be! Now if the question is can you damage, I think we can all agree.. Yes, it pretty clearly would hurt if you got hit by it.. but how likely is it that you’re carrying around a bo staff in the time frame that you would be also being attacked? The odds probably aren’t very good are they? Self Defense is a tricky subject, as there are many factors that come into play. Icy Mike from @hard2hurt is a 100% weapons expert. There is no doubt about it.. (maybe) and he and @SenseiDavid are here to help decide if you should be using and practicing bo staff (bo staff attack, bo staff defense, bo staff kata, and more) with a practical self defense thought in mind!!

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The Fake Extendable Bo:

Wooden Training Bo:

Foam Training Bo:

Extendable Metal Bo:

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