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Survival Gardening 14, peak oil, survivalist, economic collapse, end times, food storage

Part 14 of our continuing Survival Gardening series looks at cover crops.

One thing I’ve had a problem with on youtube is the amount of flak I have received from liberals because I mentioned in earlier videos that we had to use pesticide on some fruit trees in order to SAVE THE TREES.

Now I thought liberals were all about “saving trees”, but evidently me spraying some fruit trees that did in fact save the trees and correct the problem, put me up there with the anti christ in the liberals mind!

You see, many of those types of people don’t actually DO anything, they have just read an article that says that it’s better for the earth, etc. etc. I had one person tell me that if you EVER used ANY commercial fertilizer on your soil (i.e, 10-10-10 ) it will FOREVER make your soil where NOTHING can live in it… I’m serious, he said this. Now how the heck those earthworms shown in the video could be living is beyond me! As that area had tomatoes there and 10-10-10 was applied there last fall.

You see, most liberals do not actually live their beliefs. They talk a good talk, and tell you that YOU should do such and such but they RARELY do anything. They talk about saving the earth but drive huge gas guzzling SUV’s. They talk about starvation in the world, but then they only plant flowers in their yards. They cry over the loss of an Orca whale, but condone the murder of unborn children.

And now idjits with this same mentality are in control of government. Lord help us please.

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