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Secret Garden of Survival – Survivalist Gardener – Channel Video 1

Welcome to the Secret Garden of Survival. I am Rick Austin, the Survivalist Gardener. You may have read about me in Mother Earth News, or seen me on the National Geographic Channel (Doomsday Preppers, Doomsday Castle) or seen me in the Beyond Off Grid film, or heard me at various seminars like Summer Of Survival.

However you found me, I am glad that you are here.

What I will show you is how you can use my Nature-Culture(TM) techniques to grow food the way that Nature has grown food for millions of years.

You can grow 5X more food per sq ft. than a traditional garden, and grow more food in less space, with no fertilizer, no weed killer, no GMOs, and no pesticide- ever. All disguised to look “natural” or like overgrown underbrush- so no one would ever know that you have food growing there.

If you want to learn more about growing more food than you can eat, without chemicals, here are links to Rick’s books:

Secret Garden Of Survival : How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest

Secret Greenhouse of Survival : How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse

Secret Livestock of Survival : How to Raise the 10 Best Choices for Retreat and Homestead Livestock

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